NorthRiver Midstream regretfully suspends Fort Nelson gas processing facility operations

By June 3, 2024 News Releases

3 June 2024

NorthRiver Midstream today regretfully announced its Fort Nelson Gas Plant operations are being suspended due to a significant reduction in gas volumes being supplied by regional producers to the plant for processing.

For over a year, NorthRiver has been regularly engaging with pertinent stakeholders to find long-term viable solutions and initiatives to ensure a stable supply of producer gas volumes from the region to continue plant operations. Currently, NorthRiver has no future certainty on sustained area production as producers have provided notice that they do not intend to resume production that was shut in due to wildfires.

The facility locally employs 42 unionized employees and 6 non-union employees while also enabling additional regional employment through upstream natural gas production and the local supply chain that services the industry. Additionally, the plant plays a vital role in ensuring the community of Fort Nelson’s access to electricity and gas services, underscoring its significance to the region.

NorthRiver remains committed to continuing to work with area producers, the Province of B.C. and other stakeholders on solutions that would allow for gas processing to resume in due course.

For further information, contact:
Tamara Trull
Senior Vice President, Corporate Services & Chief Legal Officer